"Easy handling" Sakazume=First runner, developed "AC 100V, 200V Series"
High Efficiency LED Lamp, and Indicator.

"Sakazume" newly developed AC 100V and 200V operated LED Lamp and Indicator.
You don't need any down transformer, just plug in AC 100V, 200V. But still remaining all of LED performances such as, Long life, Low temperature rise, Brightness. Available AC 120V and 230V for over sea requirement. Mating base may require E-10, E-12, T-13, T-20 and BA-9S.


* AC 100 (120V) and 200V (230V) direct operation.
* Low temp. rise, Long Life, High efficiency brightness.
* Red, Green, Orange, Blue and White. 5 colors.
* Mating base E-10, (E-12, T-13) E-12, T-20 and BA-9S.
* Small as 10 mm diameter and 28 mm long.
* Available AC120V and 230V for over sea requirement.