RM/RT Series: main features

Breter range of modular control switches and indicating units offers many application solutions on low voltage electrical circuits, both in alternating and direct current. Actuators are available for O 16, 22 and 30mm central hole fixing, bodies are metallic such as thermoplastic, round and square version. Protection class for all operators is IP65 which means protection against penetration of solids, dust and liquids.

The control switches range includes maintained and momentary push-buttons, illuminated and non-illuminated version, key and knob handle selector switches, pilot lights, joy stick operators, mushroom and emergency stop pushbuttons, insulating enclosures, potentiometric controls, mushroom head control stations: a complete range of products built and designed to satisfy every application need.



Fixing of thermoplastic bodies is done through central fixing. The new lock-nut with ergonomic design can be easily and safely fixed by hand or with installation tool, now available for the mechanical hard fixing that improves the pushbutton sealings. Lock-nut is now much faster to be assembled on barrel thread. Consequently time will be saved during assembly.

The new thermoplastic control stations product line includes 1, 2, 3, and 5 holes enclosures with IP65 protection class and they are easy to be installed to get simple wiring to contact blocks previously mounted on back panel.

Contact blocks and power supplies are lock coupled (snap-on system) and can be wired separately from operator to obtain high flexibility and easy installation and maintenance. Ingress protection class is IP20, that avoids accidental finger contact on electrical parts. Breter contact blocks are available front and base mounting and with screw or fast-on terminals.

Manufacturing characteristics together with the high modularity level allow a quick mounting and maximum flexibility, reaching a significant time-saving as far as installing operations and a strong cutting of store expenses.


Carefully selected products materials and Company expertise assures optimum quality, long time availability and running security of RM Series control switches as confirmed by the number of approvals and omologations obtained by the most important International Institutes.

Breter Quality System obtained much more than ISO 9001 approval. Infact, the Company also had ISO 14001 approval, related to environmental concerns, further confirming Breter attention to superior environmental aspects and to its own products quality.


The operator for emergency stop pushbuttons has been realized according to EN 60418 safety requirements. Infact, the special operator body construction based on a spring weight mechanical system allows the positive opening of NC contact whenever the coupling system is voluntarily driven, so avoiding all eventual damage to persons or things.

Accessories and further products

Breter range of control switches also covers a wide number of products built to satisfy any application need. For a complete overview of Breter products range and accessories you can have our catalogues upon request or visit the Company Internet site www.breter.it