Safety Switches are safety devices for monitoring movable guards. They must reliably open the circuit and keep it open until the guard has been closed again.

EUCHNER safety switches are manufactured following applicable European standards to conform to CE requirements, and satisfy the European low-voltage, machine and EMC directives.

The safety switches of series TZ.., NZ.. and N1A.. have housings made of anodized diecast aluminum, which in combination with IP67 enclosures permits their use under extreme environmental conditions.

These series are available in various versions, e.g. with conduit entries or connectors, with LED displays and various voltage ranges.

EUCHNER safety switches are naturally available with solenoid interlocks for all common supply voltages.

The multiple adjustment options for the actuators (plungers, roller levers or switch heads) and the fact that they can be installed in any location guarantee that these switches can be easily integrated into any installation.

These EUCHNER safety switches have been type approved by:

Safety Switches Catagory II, series TZ and NZ

Safety switches of series TZ and NZ can only be switched with a special multiple-encoded actuator. They are protected against unintentional actuation and against simple manipulation. Inserting or removing the encoded actuator initiates a well-defined sequence of functions in the switch, making unintentional actuation and manipulation almost impossible.

Safety switches with additional solenoid interlocks are locking mechanisms which, in conjunction with the control system, forcibly hold movable guards in their safe positions until hazardous conditions are eliminated.

EUCHNER safety switches of series TZ and NZ have worldwide the highest rates of approval and usage of all safety switches used in automotive industry.

Safety Switches Catagory II

Due to their design and great flexibility, safety switches of this category conforming to EN 50 041 and DIN 43 693 are used for protecting operators, equipment and products and are used throughout mechanical and plant engineering.

A fully matured design and the use of high quality materials for plungers, drive units and seals gurantee easy use even under extreme conditions.

One feature of category I safety switches is the interlocking of all actuating elements in the functional sequence of switch operations. This ensures that reliable forced opening takes place even when contacts are welded in the closed position.