Precision Multiple Limit Switches are used for positioning and control of machines and industrial installions.

The advantages of these high-precision, reliable positioning devices are:
* Low space requirement due to compact design
* Low-cost connection using a shared control line
* Electrical cross-connection of the switching elements without additional terminal boxes
* Easy access to all switch stations for testing and servicing
* Simple installation

Four functionally different plunger ends, each avilable with 8, 12 or 16 mm plunger spacing, are available for various applications. Precision multiple limit switches can be fitted with snap action, positive opening or inductive switching elements, or with combinations of these. A version with an external seal is also available.

Technical Data
Housing: Anodized aluminum
Environmental protection: IP67
Actuator: Chisel, roller, ball or dome plunger
Operating point reproducibility: +/- 0.002 mm max
Approach speed: 120 m/min max.
Service life: Up to 30 x 1,000,000 mechanical switching cycles

Inductive Multiple Proximity Switches are used for positioning and control of automated tasks in all areas of mechanical and plant engineering.

The main advantages of inductive multiple proximity switches are:
- Very long service life
- High switching frequency
- Contactless, non-interacting switching action
- Reliable switching under extreme conditions
- Insensitive to strong vibrations, dirt, rapid temperature changes and fluids

Technical Data
Housing: Anodized aluminium
Environmental protection: IP67
Operating voltage: 10-55 V DC, 20-250 V AC
Output (DC types): PNP/NPN, short-circuit-proof, reverse polarity protected
Switching functions: NO, NC, NO + NC

Switch spacings: 8/12/16 mm

Trip Rails / Trip Dogs

U-Trip Rails
allow the trip dogs to be adjusted from the switch side. Trip dog insertion and adjustment is fast and easy from any position.

U-Trip Dogs
are designed for use in the U-trip rails. They have a pressure plate clamping mechanism and allow accurate adjustment even with the limit switch in its actuated state.

G-Trip Rails
allow the trips dogs to be adjusted from the side opposite the switch. They are made of steel and protected from corrosion by a special surface finish. Trip rails can be ordered fully assembled or as a kit.

G-Trip Dogs
are designed for use in G-trip rails. They are clamped to the trip rail by a hexagon socket screw and a special spring washer. The washer ensures that the trip dog is held in position by friction, even in a vertical trip rail, allowing accurate adjustment.