Joystick Switches are used to control circuits in machines and equipment in which control commands issued by a control stations are required for movements in several directions. Due to their high standard of quality and rugged construction, these control devices can be used under the most extreme conditions.

- 6 basic types
- Up to 8 operating directions, latching or spring return, 360 degree actuation etc.

- Pushbutton in the joystick handle
- Mechanical interlock
- Central contact
- Protective boot

Analog Joystick
The analog joystick supplies a voltage proportional to the deflection of the joystick. Different control variants are possible for four meaningful actuating directions. Typical applications include infinitely variable control of electrical and hydraulic drives.

Connectors are suitable for use in instrumentation and control circuits. The extensive product range, rugged construction and high degree of protection allow versatile use.

Metal-shrouded Connectors are available in three basic versions as equipment connectors, mains connectors and inline connectors.

Technical Data
Housing: Matt chromium-plated brass
Contacts: Gold-plated
Number of pins: 4/7/8/12/19
Environmental protection: IP67 (connected)
Rated voltage: 250V
Rated current: 6A
Type of connection: Solder terminals

Plastic-shrouded Connectors
conforming to DIN 43 651, are available in two basic types, straight or angled.

Technical Data
Housing: Plastic
Contacts: Hard silver-plated
Number of pins: 7
Environmental protection: IP65 (connected)
Rated voltage: 250V
Rated current: 10A
Type of connection: Crimp