Safety Switches Category II, series TP and NP

Safety switches of series TP and NP can only be switched using a special multiple-encoded actuator. They are protected against unintentional actuation and against simple manipulation. Inserting or removing the encoded actuator initiates a well-defined sequence of functions in the switch, making unintentional actuation and manipulation almost impossible.

Safety switches with additional solenoid interlocks are locking mechanisms which, in conjunction with the control system, forcibly hold movable guards in their safe positions until hazardous conditions are eliminated.

The safety switches of series TP and NP have housings made of glass-fibre reinforced plastic, ideal for applications in automation, assembly and handling technology. The slim design of the switch makes it ideal for installation on profile rails.

EUCHNER safety switches of series TP and NP have been type approved by:

Enable Switches

Enabling switches are manually operated control devices designed for use in the hazardous areas of machines and equipment. In Manual mode, the protective action of movable guards is disabled under certain conditions. Authorised personnel - after taking precautions can use the enabling switch to enter hazardous areas, for example to carry out programming, setup, testing or service work. The functional sequence conforms to VDI guideline 2854 for three-stage enabling switches.

EUCHNER enabling switches are available as hand-held or built-in models, and as portable enabling units in various versions. The mature design has the following features:

  • Excellent ergonomics
  • Low weight
  • Easy to transfer control when changing hands
  • Light and stable trigger point
  • Multiple redundancy of make circuits
  • Reliable cable monitoring for cross shorting
  • Hard to manipulate or defeat

    Euchner enabling switches have been approved by:

    and by many automobile manufacturers throughout the world.