Hand-held Controllers

To make machine operation even easier and safer for the user, EUCHNER has developed HBL and HBE hand-held controllers with ergonomic features so that they fit perfectly in the operator's hand.

The wide product range extends from standard housings to custom-built hand-held controllers, e.g. with graphics-capable LCD displays, multifunctional keyboards and serial communication ports. To enable you to use ergonomically designed housings for small quantities, e.g. prototypes or special versions, EUCHNER provides a kit for hand-held controls which lets you build your own control device in a user-friendly housing to suit your own requirements.


The electronic HKD handwheel from EUCHNER is a universal pulse generator for manual positioning of axes.

The handwheel is used primarily for positioning NC controlled machine tools in setup or manual mode.

The output of the electronic handwheel supplies 25 or 100 square wave pulses per revolution. A second output, phase shifted by 90 degree, enables the downstream controller to detect the direction of motion. The assignment of pulses to displacement is made in the controller.

The detent facility is magnetic and thus absolutely free from wear.