Angular Position Transducers incremental, absolute, programmable

EUCHNER angular position transducers are precise digital positioning devices for detecting rotary displacements, or linear displacements that can be converted to rotary motion. Fast detection of all travel and angle positions and conditioning of the output information to minimize processing work required in the control system ensure an economical solution for a wide range of control tasks.

* High environmental protection (IP65)
* Impact-resistant and unbreakable optoelectronic scanning system
* Multiple fixing options
* Short-circuit-proof electronics
* Output of additional switching functions for the position signals
* Opto-asic, opto-array
* Gray, binary, BCD or customer-specific codes
* High resolution, increamental up to 10,000 steps / revolution. Absolute up to 4,096 steps / revolution
* PC-programmable absolute angular position transducer with up to 16 outputs

Cam Switches

The programmable electronic cam switch PNS not only replaces mechanical cam controllers and control gear, but also improves on their functionality in terms of accuracy, universality, freedom from wear and simple handling.

These advantages give the user the means to change cam switch parameters quickly, resulting in short setup times and great flexibility. With state-of-the-art electronics and an ordinary PC with Windows, the cam switch can be programmed easily, graphically and conveniently.

Angular Positioning Systems

The angular positioning systems PSU and PSV are designed for positioning tasks in industrial applications.

The absolute angular position transducer, sequence control system and closed-loop position control are combined in one unit. Control signals for rotation, speeds and "in position" are available to the user, relieving the machine control system of positioning tasks.

Using the electronic Multiturn PSUM and PSVM, the customer programs the number of required absolute revolutions.

A microcontroller monitors and assigns the revolutions.