Magnetic sensors SM series

These are made of a reed switch, which can be switched by a magnet.

There is no mechanical movement and the contacts are protected and hermetically enclosured in a glass bulb which contains inert gasses, mechanical and electrical deteriorations is therefore kept to minimum. The standard version is supplied with open, closed and changeover contacts.

- SMC cylindrical series is available with threaded metallic housing for 6-8-10-12-18 mm. dia. and smooth 12 mm is available with threaded 9PG.
- SMP series is available with plastic or metallic rectangular housing for 15x8x32 mm. dimensions.
- SMC-12LM/18M/09PGM are available with power reed
- Different types of magnets are available
- SMC types are used for frontal sensing and SMP types are used for side sensing.
- Special versions can be supplied upon request, when large quantities are involved

Conductivity level control CL series

This instrument is suitable for controlling the level of a large number of electrically conductive liquids [water, chemical solutions and solid conductive materials] and can be used in the chemical textile and wine making industries as well as civil and industrial, plants irrigation and water treatment.

- Supply voltage: 110/220 Vac [CL1001/U type]
- Supply voltage: 24-110-220 Vac [CL1001/O type]
- Relay output with 1 pole changeover 5A to 220 Vac
- Sensitivity adjustment from 2 to 40 Kohm [higher upon request]
- Plastic housing with OCTAL or UNDECAL plug
- Type CL1001-R5 with wave delay
- Type CL1002 with relay output 2 pole changeover 5A to 220 Vac
- Led incorporated
- Detector CL1N is used for level control of wells and tanks
- Detector CL-A with stainless steel and teflon housing for high pressure and high temperature applications [boilers, autoclaves]. These can be supplied with standard electrode lengths 100/500/1000 mm.
- Two pole detector type CLK-A with stainless steel body supported by a teflon coated element provided with a three pole connector for the electrical connection, two poles are connected to the electrode and the third earth pole is connected to the thread stainless steel holder.
- Three pole detector CL3-A with plug for three electrodes

Paddle and membrane level controls

These are used for the maximum and minimum level in silos and mill hopper which contain powder or grain material which can be cereals, plastic material, sand etc.

In the SE-A series the paddle turns at low speed which when in contact with material stops turning causing a contact to switch. In the SM 85 the functioning is caused by material pressing on a rubber membrane which causes a micro switch positioned internally to operate.

- SE-A series with body and paddle in aluminum alloy casting, shaft in stainless steel
- Supply voltage 24-48-110-220 Vac
- Lengths available SE-A series 150/300/500/700/1000 mm.
- SM-85 series with aluminum alloy casting flange, plastic body and neoprene membrane
- Electrical contacts 6A at 250 Vac for both series