Capacitive sensors SC series

These are electronic transducers which provide an output signal when any type of material (Wood, metal plastic, granular and powder product) comes into their sensing area without coming into contact.

- Cylindrical series 18 - 30 - 40mm dia.
- Totally screened and partially screened version
- Adjustable sensing distance
- Amplified 4 wire types NPN or PNP, NO + NC from 10 กา55 Vdc
- Amplified 2 wire types from 20 กา250 Vac/dc
- Relay output types with 1 pole changeover 1A กา 220 Vac
- Supply voltage 18 กา50 Vdc / 18 กา240 Vac
- Led incorporated.
- Short circuit protection for D.C. and A.C. versions
- Maximun output current D.C. 200 mA A.C 300 mA
- Types with connector output
- Types with instantaneous intervention or timing up to 15 min
- Protection housing in HOSTAFORM if used as level control

Capacitive sensors for high temperature

They should be considered as part of the traditional range of sensors with the difference that electronic portion is completely seperate from the sensing part which is in the form of an extension which can withstand temperature from -200 กา+250C degree.

These products are used to control the levels of hot materials such as liquids, oil, powder and plastic granules. They also sense solid metallic and non-metallic bodies positioned in areas of high temperature.

ALSC Amplifier in plastic housing with UNDECAL PLUG
- Supply voltage : 24Vac or 110/220 Vac
- ALSC-1 CH type suitable for one sensor
- ALSC-2 CH type suitable for two sensors
- Led incorporated
- Sensitivity adjustment
- Relay output changeover 5A to 220Vac

Sensors for high temperature : stainless steel housing M18 and M30, sensitive side PTFE
- Provided with connector for connection to the amplifier
- cable length: 2 or 5 metres
- min/max. working tempeature from -200 กา +250C
- sensing distance: 5mm for type SC18M-HT and 15 mm for type SC30M-HT
- degree of protection: IP68

Capacitive level controls SC-SCD series

These are used where it is necessary to control with a high degree of security the level of non conductive substances both liquid and solid.
They are particularly used for controlling the level in silos for cereals and foodstuffs, in feed plants, foundries and cement works. They function in the vicinity of the material to be controlled.

- Supply voltage 24Vac or 110/220 Vac
- Relay output with 1 pole changeover from 5A to 220 Vac
- Led incorporated
- Sensitivity adjustment
- Selector of min/max level
- SC series with power supply-amplifier incorporated within probe
- SCD series with power supply-amplifier separated from probe
- SX2 type with power supply-amplifier in plastic body
- Bar electrodes of teflon in standard lengths of 300/500/800mm
- Plastified cable electrodes in standard lengths of 1/2/3/4 metres
- Housing in aluminium alloy with threaded fitting 1.1/2 inch GAS